Hey! Browser builds and monetises extensions targeted towards improving overall user experience, increasing engagement levels and maximising revenue return based on search activity on our approved search feeds.


Media Strategy & Planning

With Hey Browser you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck, as we identify the highest performing media types for specific markets. Uniquely customized to you and your product, we strategically scale up campaigns using AI and machine learning to improve your conversion rates and get your product the right exposure it needs.

In-House Technology

Everything you use will be created by Hey Browser. Down to the code, the algorithm, and our customized browser extensions, all is created on site and by us. We’ve created all our products with security and optimal results in mind, to help you have confidence and peace of mind while you distribute your product.

Desktop & Mobile

All of our browser extensions are supported on both desktop and mobile, ensuring you access regardless if you’re on the run, at home or in the office.

Search monetization

Our browser extensions monetization solutions will provide you with a unique, customized search engine that seamlessly grants you additional revenue from users searching on your product, and helps convert to higher traffic to your site. We are here to help generate the highest revenue share opportunities in the market.